What if social distancing is to teach us how to love instead of socialize?

I continually ponder on “What’s my part” in today’s world.  Some inspiration came. Here is the backstory.

The HSP Silent Love Challenge

What is it exactly? It is to intentionally expand love while doing your morning exercise or a natural part of your morning routine.


During your morning exercise routine, whatever that is, set a silent intention to nurture loving thoughts.  Make it a silent time.  No music.  No talking.  A lot of smiling.  A lot of attention on your breath and thoughts. 


This silent time of focusing on compassionate, kind and loving thoughts (especially toward yourself) will bring unity within yourself and increase love and unity in our world.  It is a step toward helping us heal individually and as a community.

  • It is simple.
  • It is during a time you already have set aside in your schedule.
  • You can be part of  a global force good.
  • It can be YOUR part.


Wednesday mornings in August.  (I am doing it  between 6-8 am.)


In the sacred space you create while you do something you normally do like yoga, running, walking, working out, swimming, meditating etc. You could do it as you brush and floss your teeth if you don’t have a physical exercise routine.

Social distancing cries out to teach us silent, invisible love.

Do this in your way, but here is how I am doing it to give you an idea.

Every Wednesday morning in August I will be doing a silent practice with a few people in a local yoga studio. You can do it wherever you exercise. People in the studio will come at 5:55, wearing a mask as mandated (***see personal story below). 

Silently, we choose a spot (complying with 6-foot distance) and create a sacred space for our personal practice.  I am keeping my mask by my mat as a reminder to uncover both my face and my heart as I practice.

In the silence, try to sense the love you have within and let that expand to those around you without any words.  The energy of love exists in silence. Love is the opposite of fear.  If we can generate enough of this kind of loving, silent energy, fear will melt within each of us and then in the community.

Practice as long as you like. When you are done, maybe offer a silent prayer for unity and love within and in our community.  Do all you can to carry that love with you as you silently leave and re-enter your day.   

I challenge you to try this Silent Love Challenge at least once in August.

Who’s in?  Raise your hand. 

Lessons from the mask:

***The mandatory mask-wearing has been a source of resistance and agitation to me.  I am recognizing that meeting this mandate with resistance, reluctance and rejection is actually giving the mask and the mandate power over me.  I am training myself to release this energy of resistance, reluctance, and rejection to this, as well as other things in my life, by allowing the mask to be my teacher.  I will treat it and all it represents to me with respect despite my natural tendency to want to resist it.   It’s not easy for me, but then, that is the point, isn’t it?  As I master those feelings and thoughts through true compassion, respect and understanding, power expands within me. 

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