Sometimes I have communications in emails or texts that I want to archive. This short post is one of those.

I have been blessed with yoga students who are my teachers and inspire me!  It is only fair to share the inspiration with others! Here’s a little nugget.

Karin wrote:

“I find yoga provides a powerful catalyst for both change and continuation. It is also the only physical “exercise” I do that enlivens my appreciation for the human body as the temple part of my soul.”

This led me to these thoughts:

This is so well stated.  I agree!  I have thought many times about the body being a Temple and how my yoga studies have made me appreciate that scriptural reference (1 Corinthians 6:19) in brand new ways.

Having consistently practiced Ashtanga Vinyas Yoga for nearly 4 years, my body has changed, but also my relationship to my body has changed.  I truly feel more fully engaged in spiritual work because I feel stronger and worry less than I ever have about my “health” or “how I look” or what other’s think about me.  I marvel more at the beauty and capacity of the human body than I ever have.  I experience the sense that my body is the place -a conduit or container- where heaven and earth meet.

I was pondering this last year in Honduras and realized “the Lord’s Prayer” is about bringing God’s kingdom on earth through our Temple bodies.   I drew a picture to express this idea.  I am (or can be) the conduit between heaven and earth as I make His will my will (Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.)

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