A memorable walk to the weaving co-op in La Pintada

Like I explained in this blog post, I unexpectedly took a trip to Honduras in January 2018 and heard a whisper in my ear within hours of my arrival that I would return in 2019.  Like the invisible vision I had, I am, in fact, taking a small group back to Copan, Honduras to experience the healing magic of Hacienda San Lucas and surrounding area. 

My Christmas wish is that you have a Christmas wish of your own to join me and the small group that have booked flights and committed to the adventure.  If you put your intention out there and you are meant to come, it will happen!

I was led to this site which talks about another beautiful area of Honduras.  When I read it, I noticed a suggested post called “Is Honduras Safe?” which gives an honest look at security in that part of the world.  As I mention in my FAQ’s page about the Honduras retreat, I feel safer in Copan than just about anywhere I’ve ever been. 

What about the cost?  If you have not looked around at travel package costs, you may not know that the cost of this retreat is as low as they come.  I noticed this yoga retreat to Colorado offered by a yoga studio where I used to practice regularly.  It costs almost twice as much for half the time.  Granted, the travel is likely less costly, but I offer this as a price comparison. I don’t think we will be able to offer such a low price if we organize another retreat to Honduras in coming years. 

One more fun Honduras resource is this tourism video that Paola sent me.   I told you about Paola in this post and explained about the Bird Sanctuary where she works.   Watch this well-produced video and notice the shots from Copan and specifically the Bird Sanctuary!

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