Today.  It’s a really important word.  Today.  Now.

It is a culmination of all yesterdays.

It is a fresh start.

For me, today begins a new “trip around the sun”.  I paused this morning and wrote in my “Raw Thoughts” journal… which is really a prayer journal.   Then I asked God to send me an inspirational video for my birthday.  I heard, “Go look at your own creations.  They are some of the best!”

So I went to the Youtube channel where old PBL and LjC videos are filed away.  Almost forgotten.  The last one I did was 2015.  They have photos from 2014 and a flood of happy “yesterdays” came forward to “today”.  It filled me with warmth and a smile and happy tears.

Thank you to all who have blessed my yesterdays which blesses me today!

My birthday wish today is for you to take a moment to enjoy the message of this video that I made.  “Leave your fear of love behind.”  It represents many, many families and friends over the years that I love!  Some are in this video.  Tons are not… but I’m thinking of all of you!  Thank you for making the world, and my life, a great place to live!

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