A few years ago, during some intensive healing processes, I began to creatively write quotes in a sketch book.  One of them was a sketch that eventually became The Holding Space Practice book.

This process has been so powerful, I want to share it with others via “printables” that you can color or doodle-color. It’s not coloring for simply entertainment’s sake.  What I create are quotes and concepts that I want to make part of me.

Why Printables?

When I want to REMEMBER something, I write it down.  When I want to make it part of me, I doodle it.  This takes time and helps me process and REINFORCE it.  The creative process slows down my busy mind and REJUVENATES me.  When I RELAY it to others by sharing printables and coloring pages, the idea may take on a beautiful life of its own in someone else.

Here is the a printable


Feel free to print it and color it as you like.  Ponder the concept as you color it to absorb it into your life.

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