Do you wake up some days and your thinking-mind is already running in circles?  You know you need to quiet it.  You know you want to hear the voice of deeper wisdom and feel the clarity of God’s spirit, but the mind is so loud that it is like a child bouncing off the walls of your skull.

It was one of those mornings for me.

When simple willpower and desire is not enough to create the internal quiet, I often turn to physically picking up a pen and writing my desires in order to direct my attention.

That’s what I did on that June morning when my mind needed to chill.

The words made themselves into some kind of a poem.

It worked.

I have returned to these words several times since then when my morning mind struggled to settle.  Maybe they will help you during one of “those” moments too.


Credit for the phrase “Breath of God”

Have you ever heard of Hildegard von Bingen?  She was born in 1098 in the part of the world we know as Germany.  Do you see how long ago that was??  It amazes me that she is known in this century.  How do we know anything about anyone that long ago?  And the fact that she was a woman!?  I’m not going to try to explain.  You should just go find out more.  (Hello wikipedia.)  I’ll just say that this phrase is attributed to her:

I am like a feather on the breath of God.

That idea and image has stayed with me ever since.  Do yourself a favor,  watch the movie about her life.   (I don’t have Netflix, but it’s there.)  Here are some resources you might like:


coloring pages

feather, no words

feather, with words


I love, love, love this picture book


One thing she is known for is composing music.  Here’s an album.  Think…. 1100’s religious chanting music.

Link to music she wrote


Movie about her life


trailer 1

trailer 2

I clicked on this version below and it popped into this page and decided to leave it.  It’s useful to you if you speak German, otherwise, go on a search for it with English sub-titles or dubbed in English.  I have watched it both ways.

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