Since January I have wanted to write a blog post titled: “Paola is For the Birds“.  I wanted to write about Paola and I did here and here and here. but I wanted to write more. I still do.  There is so much to say.  Maybe the best way is to suggest reading her website.

Paola endeared herself to all of us that went on the retreat to Honduras last January (in 2018).  The last evening, as we were ate dinner, she started talking about her day at the bird sanctuary.  There had been a meeting  and they were trying to figure out how they were going to raise money to keep the birds fed.   “We can do a yoga event for donations for Macaw Mountain.” Kim suggested out loud.  “Yes!” several supported.

This weekend is the event that was suggested back in January.   Kim will lead a yoga practice and Matt will lead a meditation on Saturday, June 2, 2018 on the north lawn of the WWI Memorial in Kansas City at 6:30 pm.  This is an opportunity to let people know about Paola’s dedication to the bird sanctuary and ask for donations to keep the rescued birds fed.

Whether you can attend or not, whether the day of the yoga event is past or not, YOU can STILL help.   Enjoy learning about Macaw Mountain on this page.  Donate to Macaw Mountain here.

And if you want to visit the macaws in person or bask in the spirit of “a la orden” at Hacienda San Lucas and marvel at the ruins of Copan.  YOU ARE IN LUCK!

Matt and I are organizing retreats in Jan-Feb 2019.  Check out this page for more details.

The birds are cool, but I have to be honest, Paola is way more cool than any and all of the birds.  I love the birds because she does and I ask for your support, really, because I want to see Paola’s huge smile.  It lights up any room she is in!  In fact, it lights up the world.  I can feel it from Honduras all the way to Kansas City.

Come with me to meet her and the other incredible people in Copan and you will know what I mean!

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