I saw this video about why Finland went from average/ low rating of education similar to that of the USA in the Mid 1900’s to the #1 in the world.  This begs a lot of questions that I won’t go into, but this short documentary encourages me that what I have researched and tried to apply in homeschooling are legitimate.  Here are some of the thoughts I have had for years:

  1. Learning atmosphere makes ALL the difference in the brain’s ability to absorb and think.
  2. If your main goal for the education of your kid is to get them to a good university, your are aiming VERY low!
  3. It is important to define what a good education is.  Hint: Is it more important to be happy or have a high-paying job?
  4. “Masterly inactivity”, a term used by Charlotte Mason,  allows children to care more about what they learn.  It is vital if they are going to learn to be response-able.  It is a tough habit for parents to cultivate in our society and seems counter intuitive in our very structured and busy society.
  5. Teaching to a test is futile.

The people in this video must have read the same research I have read.  The cool thing is that they have statistics to show that PBL principles work.


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