When I was a little girl I wanted to grow up and be a singer. In my early teen years I began voice lessons. I love the internal process of training my brain to be aware of consciously relaxing some places and contracting in other places while allowing air to flow past the vocal chords to produce an external sound.

The smallest little adjustments change how the voice sounds.  Habits and neuropathways develop through consistent practice.  Things that take a lot of concentration at first become natural and automatic over time.

After three years of an active yoga practice it hit me that I am fascinated by yoga for the same reasons. At first I heard yoga teachers give cues that made no sense at the time.

For example, one day in a beginning yoga class while holding upward facing dog the teacher instructed, “Contract your legs but soften your glutes.” My friend and I looked at each other and cracked up as we gave each other a quizzical look. The teacher asked what was so funny and I had to explain that I could not figure out how in the world to contract my legs without contracting my gluts. At that moment, I was sure it was impossible. She assured me it was not impossible and one day I would figure it out.

I’m grateful to Kim Johnson who substituted a few times in a class that I attended regularly. I felt different after her classes and started looking for opportunities to practice under her wise tutelage. I eventually learned that the kind of yoga she practiced was a system called ashtanga.

Kim patiently taught me step by step and eventually encouraged me to join the teacher training at Maya. Because I am a homeschool mom of five great kids I thought, for me, going to a teacher training was as impossible as doing my headstand without a wall! Kim assured me it was not impossible and she accommodated my particular scheduling needs to allow me access to the teacher training. 

The focused time of teacher training has allowed me to learn from my amazing teachers Kim and Gwen, special guests, the other trainees in the class, but most of all I have learned from my internal guide.  I have loved the fascinating process of training my brain to be aware of consciously relaxing some places but contracting in other places while allowing breath and prana to flow through my entire body to produce an external effect on the mat as well as in the unique melody of my life. 

I’m so grateful for both singing and yoga that benefit my body, mind and spirit… and for my dear family, friends and God that are the true music of my life!

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