(This short jewel was published on the old Principle Based Learning website that got lost in an internet fire.)

I am impressed that several resources on the same theme have come to me from independent sources in the last few weeks.  I am taking it as heaven’s hint that I should share.

A few years ago I found the book titled Punished by Rewards by Alfie Kohn.  The title caught my attention.  Reading it was a bit like something I might read in graduate studies in the psychology department. It was dense and backed up by wads of double-blind studies. Read it if you like that type of book, but mostly think about the title.  Becky Baily in Easy to Love, Difficult to Discipline explains the “right way” to praise in more accessible language.

Here I am featuring two authors whose work centers around this important concept.  Thanks to Jen and Amy for hooking us up with these articles.  They are short and parents can get started immediately on applying the right way to praise.

If you struggle maintaining a positive learning atmosphere in your home, this may hold some keys for you.  If you wonder why you have a child who lies or one who lacks confidence even though they are very smart or one that gives up easily, these articles will give you concrete ideas.

How Not to Talk to Your Kids

Six Words You Should Say Today



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