I have a dear friend that I met many years ago through homeschooling.  Her husband was the youth minister of the church where our local homeschool group met and his wife, Elizabeth, was part of that group.  We became fast friends as homeschool moms with similar ideas, passions and values.  She is an outstanding teacher and my oldest kids benefited from some tutoring she did with them in subjects she is passionate about: Math and Chemistry!  (Those are areas I am pretty clueless about so I was excited to have a passionate teacher for my kids!)   I had mixed emotions finding out that Jonathan and Elizabeth were going to move to Cambodia with their four beautiful children where the lucky people of Cambodia would get to have a fantastic missionary family to minister to them.  I was excited for them but super sad to say goodbye.  Gratefully, Elizabeth has made good on her promise to visit when they come back on home leave. This is what they looked like when they left:


Elizabeth is also an excellent writer and has diligently kept a blog since they moved there in 2012.  This blogpost features what Elizabeth writes about “Not schooling your pre-schooler”.   Remember, Elizabeth and I share very similar ideas, passions and values.  I could not agree with her more!  I encourage you to poke around while you are on their site and glean more wisdom!

Here is the beginning of Elizabeth’s post:

The first thing I always tell parents is that you don’t have to homeschool preschool.I’m not the only one who thinks this. In fact, I don’t know any homeschool moms of more than one child who do homeschool preschool. After you “do preschool” with a four-year-old child and then the next year “do kindergarten” with that same child and realize that kindergarten was just a repeat of preschool, most moms decide to ditch official preschool lessons altogether. That goes especially if you have other children in the home, either older children who actually need lessons, or babies and younger children who need a lot of hands-on care.

Here is what you actually need for the preschool years: a home full of life and love. And books. Lots and lots of books. Kids learn so naturally at this stage, and they’re interested in so many things, that there’s no need to do anything formal. Today I will share my favorite resources for educational theory and practice. I’ll share my favorite books to read aloud with young children. I’ll also include a list of sturdy educational toys that are a good foundation for a home schooling family to own, along with the very first curriculum you might want to buy.  (read more)

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