Every way I have looked at it, I can only conclude that happiness in life is pretty much measured by how happy one’s family life is.  Single, married, kids, no kids, pets, no pets, young or old…  if your family life is sad, or hard, or awful, your life is about the same.  If your family life is happy, blissful or acceptable, your life follows suit.  You can be really successful in a career, but if you hate going home, it deflates any happiness you feel from work.

Blog posts I write under the “Family Life” category will often cross over with Holding Space Practice posts because when I began to practice those concepts in my life it changed the quality of my relationships in my family.  This is a really big deal to me.  I’m passionate about it.  If it is to you too and you also feel the same passion, let’s talk!  We probably have a lot to discuss!

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