Like my last post (and maybe the next few), this comes from email conversations with a few fellow yogis.  I want to dump it into the bucket blog where I add my drops of insights, ideas and thoughts.  Maybe they are profound.  Maybe they are confusing.  Maybe they can help others now or later.  Read on, or don’t.  Here we go:

I have been pondering what it means to be “strong in spirit” (Luke 2:40) and “filled with the Holy Ghost” as I have studied sacred writings.

Here is what came to me today after many months of contemplation: 

Receiving the Holy Ghost is a commitment to a daily practice of opening up to a mindset, beliefs, priorities, and behaviors that allow for a flow of energy and information that is always flowing– that is always emanating– from this being we call the Holy Ghost or the Holy Spirit. 

painting credit: Max Mckenzie

This flow or feeling or energy or power is recognized and utilized by the committed covenant-follower of Jesus Christ. 

With continued, consistent practice and embracing this daily practice and lifestyle, this flow integrates with my body, mind, emotions and spirit.  It becomes me. I am “filled with the power of the Holy Ghost” like Jesus and his disciples were and are. We become one in that way.

We are connected by this flow of light, truth, glory, energy.  It is a gift we sort of give to ourselves by choosing to take it and be “one” with it. 

Instead of watching the flow of the river go by me, I choose to wade into the river and become part of the flow. It is a little scary, because I have to trust that the flow of the river will take me good places.  (It always does, ultimately.)  There is no way to understand the power and strength of the “Holy Ghost River” without being thoroughly drenched and wet with it.  

Being a yogini, my daily yoga practice, including all 8 limbs, helps me to be strong and brave enough to ride this river with greater poise and ease. It helps me be a stronger covenant-follower of Jesus Christ.

Kim responded:

“Thank you for sharing your revelations, connections, knowings, & understandings. I appreciate being one who receives them. This is very beautiful Carol. I can sense the depth of time and flow of heart-based attention you invested in opening yourself up to meet and receive this knowing. 

Reading makes me picture reading a map showing the river of your understanding or mind merging with the river of the Holy Ghost, back to the same river where your heart always flows.”

I love how she brings the flow back to connecting to the heart and taking the visualization into a sort of bird’s eye view.

Kim’s comment reminded me of something her yoga teacher, Marci, said that prompted a drawing for me.

You are the flow that connects the events of your life. -Marcie Naujokat

Karin commented:

“I appreciate these insights, and those shared by Kim. You have opened layers to the meaning of being strong in spirit that I haven’t thought about before.”

Then Stephanie took me into her added vision of being in the middle of a river and the effort we sometimes must make so we don’t get swept away when we reach the rapids in life.

“Love it.  I like the symbolism of the flow of water and us flowing with the waves of life, meaning we must be strong to not get washed down.  

Interestingly too, Carol, is I was doing a visualization just yesterday of me in a white dress, walking up, barefoot a rapid flowing stream of rocks and pebbles, with strength and purpose.  It was my visualization for the day of being STRONG and moving UPWARD.”

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